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Long ago, two races ruled Earth… but you already knew that. This is not the story of how monsters where trapped underground, this is the story of how they tried to return to the surface. After they were freed, monsters tried to live along side humans. But as expected, humans didn’t exactly welcome them with warm arms. With humans being attacked and monsters disappearing, the only chance for peace seems to be convincing the daughter of the mayor, the manager of the orphanage Frisk grew up in, that monsters are not as bad as they may seem. But strange nightmares seem to haunt you at night, and you are losing your determination. Can you make peace between humans and monsters? What are these memories that haunt you? Can you free everyone this time?

(You must play Undertale by Toby Fox before playing KissyCutie!)

 Undertale can be found here

In this unofficial fan game  Frisk takes on the role of ambassador to bring peace once and for all between humans and monsters. The objective of the game is to convince humans that monsters are not evil. To do that you have to pick a monster to spend time with Sona, the daughter of the mayor. The game plays like a dating sim, but everything is purely platonic. This is not a story of romance, but a story about friendship, struggle, hope and bonds, where discrimination, prejudice, abuse and manipulation are the villains.

 - Warning: This game has scenes that depict forms of verbal abuse, trauma flashbacks,  blood,  death, and mental illness.                                                                                          - Strong language will be found within the game as well.

There are 4 paths: Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and True;  2 endings for each path with 9 possible endings in total!  

(Yes, we did the math right. There is a hidden path called “truest” that is unlocked at the end of the game) 

All the main monsters appear in the game: Alphys, Mettaton, ASGORE, Toriel, Muffet, Monster Kid, BurgerPants and many others.

Several original characters appear in game as well. 

Progress Report: COMPLETE! 

Please let us know of any bugs, crashes, etc  so we can squish them!

Also, let us know what you think of the game! 

Your feedback will help us improve the game in future updates!

We hope you enjoy our project!

Be sure to follow us for updates about our upcoming games!

Contact Info

Kissy Cutie- Tumblr

Xocolatl Games- Twitter

Xocolatl Games- Patreon

Xocolatl Games- Discord

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorXocolatl Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsandroid, Comedy, delta-rune, Fantasy, free, mobile, Mystery, Story Rich, Undertale


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It's great but

No offence

I really hate sona

Like a lot

Is there an ending where she dies but everyone else lives

SPOILERS what do i do after saying sorry to chara is there anything else to do other than clicking the box in the middle could you give me a hint

No grillby L game

So pacfist ending huh?

I would actually kill them




"I must attend to my covfefe"

never change, Kissy Cutie.

(3 edits) (+1)

Okay, my god, I've spent the entire day tryna get the 'Truest ending' and I think I've figured it out. I just thought I'd put this here in case anyone else is wondering cos I for sure was looking for a guide too lmao.

SO, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! (don't read this if you wanna figure it out on your own).

You must obtain all 8 endings first being Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and the True routes - each having a 'neutral' and 'genocide' ending. 

I believe to get a neutral ending, you must not investigate any of the items and disregard them, e.g. don't talk to Sans, Asgore, and Muffet and choose the option, 'stay determined'. I also was being a little rude brat with my dialogue options but idk if that affects the route. At the very end, Sona should take control of the game and close the application. 

To get a 'genocide' ending, I believe you must investigate all the items and be 'nice' and such with your dialogue options (at least that's what I did). At the end, Sona will ask the character in which you have chosen (sans, papyrus or undyne) to kill her and they will refuse. Then the 'player' will use this as an opportunity to kill Sona and then end the game.  (Ik, sounds confusing, but you'll get there)

The 'true' pathways just involves not directing a particular character to befriend/date Sona and then just doing going over the steps for a 'neutral' and 'genocide' ending. 

You will know when you've achieved all endings when Chara asks you to help them save their sister at the very end of your 8th route. The truest ending is where EVERYONE survives.

Okay, that's it I think. I'm gonna try this again later to see if I'm right cos I literally was all over the place and the process of finding all the routes was so tedious that my mind is kinda fuzzy, so I can't be sure that I'm completely correct with this guide. 

Despite being tedious, the game was fun and well-written! I enjoyed it. Thanks!


The Characters are well written just like in Undertale. There is a fair square of humerous scenes and the story is interesting.

My only complain though, is that the choices are feeling weird. Sure some choices seem justified, but sometimes it's hard to tell what, or if the choices have done something. Sometimes it felt like my choices did nothing or didn't even matter, or just felt confusing.

For the bugs, I have encountered only one so far. Here goes the Spoiler-Warning for those who haven't played it yet. The bug that I encountered occured Somehow in the ending when Chara showed up and gave me all these choices. I picked Sans and that black-haired orphanage-child (who's name I forgot) and let the scenario play out. When the text of the black-haired boy appeared, I hit the "Back" Button and an Error occured. At least there was that grey Interface with an error Message. I am playing it on Android btw.

So far gotten thru one ending, and going to play more because I do enjoy the writing and I'm intrigued. My only grievance is many of the characters are drawn by very different art styles, and it looks really out of place, and it's just really weird.

(2 edits)

i cant figure out how to get the truest ending ive played the game like 5 times now  XD 

(can you give me like idk i guide or something XD)

Hey, I heard that you can  only get the true, and truest ending if you get all the other endings. I was just going to ask, if you click reset, does that mean that you have to get the ending all over again

is there a translation in spanish?

I love this game but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the truest ending. I've played every other ending, 3 genocides, 3 'good' individual character endings, the neutral ending with sona, and the one where chara shows up. I really think you guys should make a guide for the truest ending cos i have no idea how to get it

Heckin amazing UwU  u have truly been blessed with UwU's and OwO's 

(1 edit)

I've been reading most of the comments, and just asking, is there a guide out yet? thx >w<

edit: okay so i got genocide w/ papyrus but how do i stop manipulating the world??? lol

What's difference between universal, older, newer and x86_64 android versions? Don't think i get it -_-

based on the name

universal version

works on all processor including unusall ones like cpus from these companys 

  • Broadcom Inc.
  • Fujitsu.
  • IBM (now only designs two architectures)
  • Imagination Technologies (previously MIPS Technologies)
  • Ingenic Semiconductor.
  • Marvell.
  • MediaTek.

x86_64 android version

while android always runs arm based processors which are designed by arm and the 64 reference to it being a 64 bit processor which has only been used in phones since 2005. The x86 architecture and is required for windows and is used in most laptop and desktops are only made by AMD and Intel. 

I love undertale, and this game is well made, but I can't seem to get a good end.  I kept getting the neutral end, and then finally got a geno end, but that's it after several run throughs. Is there a guide somewhere that I can follow?



 I'm confused what the "true ending" is. Is it the one where you hang out with everyone? I know for sure I got the Undyne neutral, but I don't know the ending I just got... Help!

(4 edits) (+1)



If Sona takes control of the game is a Neutral ending.

If a monster fights Sona is a Genocide ending.

If they break the barrier around the city is the true ending. 

If they break the barrier AND  everyone survives is the truest ending.

I cant get any other ending besides neutral, i'm not sure what happened, i did other things, i reset, i tried time and time again, but it all came out to neutral. What can i do to change this?

I'm thinking maybe we will have to make a guide. 

The game gives clues about what options to choose to get the good endings, just pay attention.

I cant get the true ending. I got all the neutral, and genocide endings, but I cant get the true or truest ending. please help

i cant play the game for some odd reason i just wanted to play it help me

Try the latest version or maybe is incompatible with your device, try the desktop version is the most stable.

I love this game already i havent gotten very far though but i already hate sona

When the backround turned black and Chara was there in one moment she asked for my REAL NAME! Like what the HELL!? This game needs to be FIXED RIGHT AWAY!


(4 edits) (+1)

(Calls 911) ( Hey police we got a fricking DUDE over here who wants to do bad things to me) ( can you please for the love of god send em to jail?). (ok thank you)

(Hungs up) lol dude get dunked on! Oh! Speaking of that. Try and search on youtube "dunked on" and check the comments if you want.

Ur game is literally the scariest game I have ever played, did u fix the... I guess bad ending were u meet Chara?

Thank you so MUCH and the Sona hate is real

me aparece que hubo un error 

it appears to me that there was an error

Try downloading the latest version. If that doesn't fix it can you post a screenshot of the error?

(1 edit)

do not read if you have not played the game

never mined

is there a endng that dose not end with sona crashing the game that is kind of a sad end i dont like that she thanks that monsters are weak and wood be happer as humans

Those are the neutral endings, there are genocide endings and two true ones. The game gives clues to give the best endings.

ok and i gess one of the genocide ones is win your with sans at the en

This was so well made!! God, where do I even start? 

So, first of all, I loved the art style!! Everything had a really nice, soft, homely feel. 

Second, finding the true ending was really fun! I can't remember the last time I was so happy to play through so many endings, haha. I had a lot of fun searching for the right path to take, and I found myself excited to see the next clue. 

Third, this is actually a lot different from what I thought it'd be? But rather than feeling disappointed, I was actually really intrigued with the world! I was excited to play though everything, even if it wasn't what I expected! In fact, I think that furthered my interest. 

Fourth, god this list is getting long, I loved the message. I found myself nodding along quite a bit, observing how so many pieces of the story fit into modern day society. The rampant discrimination prevalent amongst the monster community, coupled with 'human saviorism' really applies to the relations between marginalized groups and their oppressors in reality. It brought up these topics in a way that wasn't too heavy, but it still conveyed the message well. 

Tl;dR: This was such a good game!!!! 8/5 stars. 

Thank you so very much for playing and the review, you just made the ending of this decade perfect for us! 

Happy 2020! 

Hi Ummm......Do We Need To Complete Every Genocide And Neutral Path For Sans,Papyrus,Undyne And True Path To Get The Truest Ending?


We recommend taking notes of the questions that determine paths, then start making use of that skip button 😅


I just updated my game, looks like I lost my old save data.  Oh well, good I wasnt too far in yet, I havent had too much time to play yet, Ive been really busy.  I was honestly still in what would be considered the "Prologue" of this game, ie before u pick the path.  Plus, I had been taking my time playing the game in order to catch everything. Maybe I updated it wrong, I did it through the itch. io launcher, which updates stuff quicker.  Im sorry to ask this I dont play PC games too often, so I am a little rusty, but how do I overwrite my old save data, besides just updating?  If my old save data is lost, thats fine.  

Also, sorry I havent been on discord lately and giving feedback and my thoughts on the game, like I said Ive been pretty busy, and I want to make sure I have a lot of stuff to talk about, I want to talk about the game in technicalities of the game, but I esp. I want to talk about the story and the characters and their characterization and stuff which in really order to do so, I gotta get further into th game.  

Plus, I really want to be able to get into detail, so it might be long. Ill probably gonna be posting stuff about Kissy Cutie around on my social media like my "review", its gonna be fun to do that. And fun to finish the game in my free time, Ill share this stuff through discord and stuff. Ill probably wont be on discord for awhile, because I actually want to get further into the game 1st, maybe not finish but defin. at least further in, and Im pretty busy and dont have a whole lot of energy.   

 Its too bad the Help isnt on the menu anymore, but at least Help seems to not be completely gone, still kinda there. Anyways, thanks for the game and updating, hope u didnt hurt ur self too much on fixing stuff in order to update, Ill talk to u guys when I can about the game.

I'm sorry to hear about your save data but yes, the new version had major changes and the update had to be done manually to just overwritte the files and not modify anything else. And even like that there were also times where there could be data corruption because the versions are not entirely compatible. In the preference menu you can modify what you can skip, that helps you move faster through the things you have seen. Thanks for all your support, it means alot to us!

Haha, its fine.  Ok cool thanks, Ill be sure to use the pref. menu.  Also, ur welcome, ur game/ VN totally desreves the support.  :)

I started playing this today, and while it's really good, I noticed that during the.. Sona(??) End, I started up the game again. And noticed that the 'Back' and 'Skip' button were available again. 

I apologize if that wasn't well explained. My english is not the best ^^''

No worries English is our second language too! 

There’s a character that secretly helps you out and “fixes” back and skip for you! 

We are happy you like the game! 

I was trying to open it for installation, but it said there's a problem when parsing it :")

Sorry about that, what version are you attempting to install? 

Universal :"D

Ok, in that case try using “new” or “old” depending on your phone model!

Ooh it works QwQ thx a lot 😆✨💗✨❤️💘💞💞

i cant download it for  a reson

the game is pretty fun. but frisk, facial expressions doesn't match up with the choices you get half the time

How to get truest path?

We can’t tell you outright, but be sure you have completed every genocide and neutral ending for Sans, Undyne, Papyrus, and True path. 

is there guide because i cant /dont know how to get genocite path

Not yet that we know.. check YouTube  or our Discord for some help. 

(1 edit)

where do you go on this page to download the game

Game is back online, you should be able to download now... I swear Sona is the one behind all the problems.

(1 edit)

while playing the game this poped up

ok thank you for the report, the game is currently being repaired 

thank you. the game is pretty enjoyable

Thank you! We are back online, hopefully the game is now playable too... Be sure to download 2.0and overwrite your game file. All progress will be transferred over.

how would you overwrite the game file

drag and drop the new file into the same destination as your old one, they should overwrite automatically. 

Deleted 258 days ago

we are in the process of removing a few major bugs... the game will be available again in roughly 8-10 hours. 

Deleted 3 years ago

Ok sorry about that! We will get right on to fixing it. 

Thanks for the report! 

What Android model are you using if I may ask? 

This may be a python related error associated with a certain mode of phone. 

lenovo a536 and i tried it on my tablet too and it work so its by my mobile even other game did this but its bad for my mobile dammit.

Ok there are two more files, Newer Phones and 84x 86x. Try them and see if one works on your device!

I'm about to get it....but question, does anything change if you reload a state from before a scene after said scene, or was that a mechanic that is impossible to implement. (i mean like in the original undertale if you reload your save or reset, the characters sort of remember it and have deja vu moments.)

(1 edit)

It’s implemented in the very last path of the game, and in the endings more or less... why?

It’s impossible to be as awesome as Toby Fox. 

i was just wondering. but yeah that is true.


As soon as I got the notification that the game was finished I KNEW I had to livestream it again; & I had a great time!! It's an awesome game that pays a lovely homage to Undertale while still having a new feel that makes it exciting & different..

LOVE the in-game art, & the dialogue. Such an emotional story; Thank you for making such a good game…!

(1 edit)

Thank you for streaming us! It’s awesome knowing we made you laugh! 

We’re checking out your stream right now and loving it, you’re amazing! 

(We are also taking note of a few of your comments and bugs that we’ll use to improve on in the next update) 

Again thank you so much!! 

Is there android versio

not yet, we have added a few minigames that require testing and possible changes to code for android. 

I’ll make an update about progress for android over the next week. 

Oooooh, that sounds fun! Can't wait to hear about it.. :D

The time waiting was 100% worth it. Congrats to the whole team, this game is awesome! Thanks for making it :)

Thank you! We love it that it's making people happy!

Ohhhh it is finally here! I will play it asap :D
I have been looking forward to it >__<


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