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Long ago, two races ruled Earth… but you already knew that. This is not the story of how monsters where trapped underground, this is the story of how they tried to return to the surface. After they were freed, monsters tried to live along side humans. But as expected, humans didn’t exactly welcome them with warm arms. With humans being attacked and monsters disappearing, the only chance for peace seems to be convincing the daughter of the mayor, the manager of the orphanage Frisk grew up in, that monsters are not as bad as they may seem. But strange nightmares seem to haunt you at night, and you are losing your determination. Can you make peace between humans and monsters? What are these memories that haunt you? Can you free everyone this time?

(You must play Undertale by Toby Fox before playing KissyCutie!)

 Undertale can be found here

In this unofficial fan game  Frisk takes on the role of ambassador to bring peace once and for all between humans and monsters. The objective of the game is to convince humans that monsters are not evil. To do that you have to pick a monster to spend time with Sona, the daughter of the mayor. The game plays like a dating sim, but everything is purely platonic. This is not a story of romance, but a story about friendship, struggle, hope and bonds, where discrimination, prejudice, abuse and manipulation are the villains.

The demo is 30 minutes long and it has the full introduction to the story. 

There are 4 paths: Papyrus, Sans, Undyne and True; with 3 endings in total: Genocide, Neutral and True. 

All the main monsters appear in the game: Alphys, Mettaton, ASGORE, Toriel, Muffet, Monster Kid, BurgerPants and many others.

Several original characters appear in game as well. 

Progress Report:

 Story 100% 

 Characters 100% 

 Backgrounds 99% 

 Coding 99%

Contact Info

Kissy Cutie- Tumblr

Xocolatl Games- Twitter

Xocolatl Games- Patreon

Xocolatl Games- Discord


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UTKissyCutie-1.0-release.apk 124 MB

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Hope to see sex and gay romance.

you could have kept that for yourself


Shut up

Off topic but I see you are a person of quality as well..Im referring to your torchic icon. 

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

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Don’t we all? 

 Sorry to disappoint but the romance within the game is very SFW. 

I’d call it light romance/comedy that follows the main story line. 

....there are no skele - bones 💀 

That being said some characters are not what I’d call straight and anbody from any walk of life will get a kick out of the game. 

When it releases you play and let us know what ya think. 

Great... the king is hot


is the full game gonna be free? please be free


I would donate if i could btw. im a kid XD

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LOVE this fangame; can't wait to see what's planned with it!


This is awesome! Thanks for streaming the demo!! 

You are most certainly welcome!! I'm hoping to stream it in the future too, when it's mostly or 100% finished! :D


I just played through and it was all so charming I just had to go through it again and see all of the dialogue. Everyone is trying their best and they're all so excited, it just breaks my heart. How could anyone be so unkind to people who are the embodiment of purity?? I couldn't even imagine doing that, it'd make me feel like I had kicked a puppy or stolen a baby's bottle or something. I'd feel like a monster (Get it? Because we know Monsters aren't really synonymous with the word "monster"? And they said I couldn't do wordplay).

But seriously, you did an amazing job with this!

I usually don't read summary pages too deeply because they give away too much of the story, but despite that things were apparent once I started playing. Like, I could just tell that something was kind of off with the choices. That something was off with Frisk. Even before a certain choice when talking to Alphys made that clear. You can just tell that although things are looking bright for our heroes, there's something not quite right about it all. A lot of games rely on a kind of Telling-Not-Showing way of story telling, but with this, I wasn't told anything. I uncovered things while playing that lead me to believe something that, after I went looking for confirmation of, were true. And I think it takes really, really good writing to make that happen.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone just scrolling through the comments but after finished the Demo and was brought to the title screen for the third time, all I could do was put my head in my hands and say, "Oh honey... What have you done?"

I agree alot

do sans and sona date?

hopefull not XD

whatever, we all know kissy cutie 2 was the best one

wheres kissy cutie 2?

pls tell me


i need to know

im begging

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it was an undertale reference, a joke, there is no kissy cutie 2 irl

omg is there one online? 

ok, you're a troll, I get it now.

in case I was wrong, by IRL I meant outside of the game "Undertale".

so, no Kissy Cutie 2 either online or in real life. 

Is asriel going to be in this game?

hope so

i dont know how to open the game


you install it and then u press launch :)


We have a DIscord up for anyone who wants to keep closer track of the game progress!

Xocolatl Games Discord

whats the discord?

whats discord?

please tell me 

please let me be a discord

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I'm kinda sad this game is not complete yet. I have played the demo a million times, and I am excited for it, but my hopes got a bit too high. I noticed you are working on it again, so I'm happy now! Sorry for any errors in grammar or something, my PC is very laggy today. Have a good day~!

Me, realizing it is almost done: (literal screams of happiness and joy and everything that the neighborhood can hear)


We greatly appreciate the love and support! 

No worries, the game is now under constant development until completion! 

Love ya back,

Xocolatl Dev Team

wait this was a demo?

wheres the big one?

same XD


Wasn't coding on 20% a few days ago?

Was the game updated?


Yes, we are working on this again

working on what?


cool game.



when is the full version out!? i cant WAIT!!!!!

Soon, very soon


omg thanks!!

Heyo! I heard a rumor that the game is going to come out this month, July. Is that true?



what does that mean? 



This gameis soo good i canr wait for the full thing!!!

wait its not the full thing?


THIS GAME IS SOOOO COOL!!!!!!! new update coming soon

omg thanks for telling me about the update

Gosh. I cant wait for the full game!

is this not the full game?

how is the next update coming

the next update is going great, but i didnt draw any of it :(

Great game! I cant wait for the full game to come out. 

thanks!! me too


could you make another one the style is amazing did u draw it 

i really liked whoever drew asgore and toriel

oh no

oh no what?

omg what happened? are u ok

I am absolutely in love with the artstyle and humour of this game, the latter of which perfectly parallels that of Toby Fox. Seriously can NOT wait for the full game!

whos toby fox?

yeah idk either

He's... the creator of Undertale.

My complumints to y'all who are working on this game. It is realy good so far, I love it, I love the look, I love the sory, the mystury behind the characher which you name, and the game play all togeth. It is a really cool fan game any way, love it love you can't wait for the next update!!!

<3 Hope

This game is so cool!! I can't wait for the full game!!!

was this not the full game?? it took me 3 hours

love it

thanks! i loved it too

no problem! me too

This game is soooooo cool  :)

omg wait was there a cold biome??

What are the two souls for? ;-)

wait theres souls???

This game is so awesome! I love it so much and I can not wait to see it get finished! I got to the three selections of Papyrus, Sans, and Undyne and i saved right there.

I pressed papyrus and the demo ended and i groaned and said "Dang it! This is so good!!! i cant wait for more! i love it!!!!"

I really can not wait to see how this goes! i hope it don't get cancelled like other great undertale fangames! cant wait for the future for this lovely game!

Is is bad at the start i wanted to punch Pinky because she wouldnt let me stay with toriel, (I nicknamed her Pinky after her hair because i wanted to) yet at the end grown to actually like pinky a bit? eheh. i just love the character honestly the same as i do with Chara. 

anyways... great game!!! i love it! i cant wait for more hehe. wait yes i can. because the games that take the longest usually are the best!


The puns in this game are spot on! I love the accurate portrayal of the characters, in a way it does feel like an extension of the original game!

That is all thanks to our wonderful editor Secundox (http://roxazlum.tumblr.com) He is doing and incredible work!


wait wheres the video??

dude i cant find it either

This fangame is definitely one of my favorites, alongside with UT Red, UT Yellow and your best nightmare.

Btw, since you're asking for help with the code maybe you could also tell which programming language you are using?

My guess is that they are using Python, since they tagged this game under Ren'Py-- which is a visual novel engine that mainly uses the Python language. Hope that helps!

I already noticed that, but thanks anyway.


I just played the game and I'm already drawing fan art X3 Kissy Cutie is the best Undertale fan game I've ever played, even though it was just the demo version.

Awww that makes me so happy! Thank you! We are really working hard to finish it!


I'm sure everyone will love it! In fact some people on DevaintArt are allready advertising.

Just played the game and i want too too but imm bad at drawing it wont look CLOSE to any of the characters  :(


You do know that Frisk and Chara are both canonically gender neutral right? Do you think Frisk is canonically a girl or is this just a head canon? Please clarify! By that I mean do you think Toby Fox intended for Frisk to be a girl or are you just making Frisk a girl in the blank slate.

it fits the story a little and chara's a guy so it connects the story.

You do realize, that Chara and Frisk are most likely the same... "person"?

NOT true it is shown and said in the real game that chara was the first human to fall in the underground he and frisk just have the same soul type DETERMINATION a lot of people tend to forget this or just plain diddnt pay close attention to the game/ its because DETERMINATION is the rarest soul type and very few humans have it that chara and frisk share a supernattural connection

Ok, first of all, I'm sorry for my rude formulation, as a not native speaker it's sometimes hard to judge how something may sound while concentrating on correct grammar. I actually meant that from my viewpoint it's the same being. Anyway:

"it is shown and said in the real game that chara was the first human to fall in the underground" right, no comment on that fact

"DETERMINATION is the rarest soul type" I don't agree on that one. Why? Well, before things in Undertale even take place 7 humans are known to be dumb enough to climb a mountain without letting anyone know about it. Each one has also a unique trait. It is NOT KNOWN, how the state of proportional distribution of human soul traits on the surface is, nobody ever tells that. BTW, I just noticed that according to your opinion, if we extrapolate the known human souls, than DT is way more often present than any other trait.

Why I think about Chisk as the same person...

What we know for sure:

Toriel dragged Chara's body into the ruins.
No matter which path we choose the protagonist has at least one Chara's flashback at the point when Falling in the waterfall.
There is absolutely no evidence, that frisk actually fell when in the moment before the game started - no images, no text, not at least a simple sound like in watefall.
In Undertale's game files the red soul is called "spr_ourheart_0".
Remember how Toby Fox twittered that we should use our own name?

What we "know" about reincarnation:

It's the state of being reborn in a new body.
After being reincarnated one has some memories from the past life.

...which basically means that in year 201X we attempted suicide, failed, then succeeded, then much later we are reborn as "Frisk".

That's TL;DR: version of my interpretation and if you find anything that disproves that theory feel free to put it out here.

Excuse all my errors, my Tablet is glitchy

Hi, i was reading both of you guys comments and I have something to add, if I may....

There is in reality no complete knowledge of the the Story of Undertale is, we are all left with so much questions such as...

Why Undyne melts in the genocide run

How sans got his powers

Who is gaster

Why Asriel is a flower, or was turned into a flower

Where did the skelebros come from

Who is the river person

We all have our theories and toby fox gives us broken sentences and leaves us to fill in the gaps ourselves, for example.. all he gave is about Gaster is, Gaster himself, is followers and core Kid.

It was us who put together, Gaster being a skelebro, or sans and papyrus' father or sans, papyrus and Gaster being one person split up into to three.

Okay am kind side tracking here but pay close attention I have something that am gonna describe which I find bery hard to explain alot of the time. 

The player never knows of Frisks name until she says it, you are given the option to name the fallen child it makes you think your naming frisk... but your naming the First fallen child. I understand Frisk has flash backs but llet me tell you some of the theries I've heard.

It is asked who the Narrator is? You know the person who tell you that you feel like the scum of the earth for dropping all the monster candy. It is said that this person is chara.... i know just keep reading... bare with me. It' just a theory.

With your choices Chara is learning with you, which explain why once

you look in the mirror it says 'dispite everything its still you'and says 'still just you frisk'

It explaind that throught out the game chara is leaning from your actions. I forgot to mention how this could be possible and thats because Chara didn't completly die... her soul was absorbed remember, and nonone knows what happens to an absorbed human sould when a monster dies.

A section which proves Chara then takes over Frisks bodt is when she says 'its me Chara' and 'where are the knives' it is known that Frisk does not speak. 

Just a quick point even if frisk is a reincarnation, Chara shouldn't exist at the end of the game. If Frisk is chara, because thats not how reincarnation  works, the only way that'd work is if chara went to the future to meet her reincarnated self.

Anyways back to my point,  sorry I keep side tracking. The narrator also knows about item that neither frisk or the other minepsters should know what it is. They talk anout journeys and evern ezpress guilt and sadness. There is so much evidnece for this theory that I can not type it all out. Butthere is a video you can watch which shows you all of the evidence, and trus tme theres alot its as if Toby put them all there on purpose. The video is 28 mins long but you can also just watch the first 2mins

now its important that i do not look as if am saying your wrong because is some ways Frisk could be chara reincarnation so i have a video for that theory too

They really explain you veiw point on how your corrèct. Altogether i just want yoi to piece these two theories together so you find what I have seen, and you find the theory which I have come up with that enties both these theories. Am tnot gonna tell you what it is because trust its best you figure it out. Plus i think all theroies are correct because they all have EVIDENCE

How do we know Chara is a "he".


In this game Frisk is going to remain gender neutral.

(1 edit)

"In this game Frisk takes the role of the ambassador to bring peace once
and for all between humans and monsters. The objective of the game is to
convince humans that monsters are not evil. To do that you have to pick
a monster to spend time with the human girl. The game plays like a
dating sim, but everything is purely platonic. This is not a story of
romance, but a story about friendship, struggle, hope and bonds, where
discrimination, prejudice, abuse and manipulation are the villains."


It says to spent time with the human GIRL.

I think the human girl is the daughter of the mayor aka Sona.



OHHHH. So Frisk is not the ambassador?


The way you wrote it made it sound like Frisk is the human girl.


Very confusing. Spend time with the human girl after referencing Frisk. You didn't even mention Aka Sona's daughter in the description.


You might want to edit that typo.

what typo??